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The Placebo Effect

May 7, 2010

The placebo effect is real; it’s why the control group in a scientific study gets sugar pills.  The effect of a drug is not measured by how much it improves a condition, it’s how much more it improves a condition than a sugar pill does.  Chloe and I try to maximize this effect whenever she takes medication, especially because all her meds go through her feeding tube, and she could “take” them without even realizing it.  So every time she takes medicine, we tell it what to do.  “Okay, trileptol,” I say, and she laughs, “you do your job and make sure Chloe’s brain behaves.”  I figure it’s good for her to know what she’s taking and what it’s supposed to do.   And hopefully, if she’s thinking about these things, we can maximize the placebo effect.

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