Discipline is different

November 3, 2012

a child looking up at his mother

image credit: mod as hell via Flickr

When you have a special needs child, discipline is different. It’s different from discipline for typical kids, but it’s also just different, every day, every moment.

For example, this evening, Chloe knocked her food all over my lap. She somehow has perfect aim when she’s trying to spill her food. Her tube feeding spilled across my white shirt, and the stain will probably never come out.

Of course I got mad. I snapped at her, told her to be careful, told her it was not okay to spill her food. Then I got up to change, and by the time I got back, I realized something–she was probably full. And she can’t make the food stop; it just keeps flowing until I stop it for her. Usually she can tell me she is full with her ipad. But not this evening, because we were using it to watch Netflix.

So I asked and, indeed, she is full, and I’ve taken away her only means of communicating. And now I’m punishing her for finding a way to get the point across. So I apologize and revise the rule: No spilling food unless that’s really the only way you can let me know what you need. And Chloe agreed. She’s very patient with me.


3 Responses to “Discipline is different”

  1. msshadenegamble Says:

    It’s amazing the things we learn and how it changes us.

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