Behind the curtain

February 18, 2012

As Chloe gets older, she’s gotten more interesting, as tends to happen to most of us. But it’s also gotten more frustrating, to me, that she can’t talk.

This isn’t because it’s hard to communicate with her. As I pointed out in the previous post, Chloe can tell us a lot of things with our various communication methods. She can even name her dolls by spelling out names, letter by letter. (Her latest acquisition, a princess doll, is named Hiebrow–apparently she learned the word at school and knows the meaning, if not the spelling exactly.)

What I’m missing are the random thoughts, the casual pearls of wisdom that are attributed to my friends’ children day after day on Facebook. I want to know Chloe’s perspective on everything, because I’m sure it would be fascinating. Partly, yes, because she’s my kid. But there’s more to it. Chloe’s experience growing up with a severe disability has given her a complicated and unusual perspective on life and I’m dying to know the details.

There’s a paradox here, because i believe it’s exactly this inability to express herself that has made Chloe so incredibly patient, empathetic and resourceful. This amazing person is developing behind a curtain, hidden from the rest of us, but it’s the curtain itself that makes her so extraordinary. We’re moving it out of the way, inch by inch, and hopefully one day we’ll see the all the awesomeness in there.


3 Responses to “Behind the curtain”

  1. nadbugs Says:

    I love your tweaking the curtain aside, with your attention. And then telling us about it, too, so we in the audience can applaud.

  2. Awesome post. One day soon Chloe will be writing with whatever communication device you guys figure out. Given her inherited writing skills plus her unique perspective, I also can’t wait to read that.

  3. Kim Killion Says:

    Jon…she’s a true blessing and your heartfelt thoughts that you share about her with the rest of us are inspiring, to say the very least. I know one thing for sure, Chloe chose the right parents for the job! Hug to you all…

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