How to be on time when you have a special needs kid (or probably any kid, really)

January 30, 2011

  1. figure out the latest acceptable time to get somewhere
  2. think backwards through all the steps it will take to get ready to go and estimate the time it will take, adding 10 minutes to each step, just in case.
  3. if a wheelchair is involved, don’t forget time to load and unload (20 minutes).
  4. add half an hour to the total.
  5. come up with a simple, all purpose excuse, because when you show up late in spite of all this, your real excuse will probably be a little TMI.  no one wants to hear, “well, we were about to go, but then someone had a big potty accident and then while I was cleaning that up I saw something that looked like a seizure but I don’t think it was but the mere possibility made me sit on the couch and weep for 15 minutes and then I had to wait for my eyes to get less red and puffy before we could go and by that time it was time for another tube feeding.”
  6. consider staying home.

2 Responses to “How to be on time when you have a special needs kid (or probably any kid, really)”

  1. yanna shumaker Says:

    love it!! I am so guilty of TMI

  2. Grandma Says:

    I don’t know anybody who does as good a job of managing it all as you do, Camilla. Doesn’t mean it’s easy, I know. You just have a talent for making it look that way!

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